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Explore Tien Shan With Us

Unique Hiking tour to high altitude lake - Ala Kul within 3 days

Day 1: Karakol town - Karakol valley.

Today you begin your tour from the picturesque town of Karakol, Transfer up the Karakol valley and along the fast raging Karakol river till Ayu-Tor meadow (25 km, 2,5-3 h). The mountains begin as low hills but soon become soaring, jagged sky-scrapers as the day draws on. You will climb up to an altitude of 2900m (1,5 h) to the forest oasis of SIROTA (meaning "orphan" thanks to it's location in the middle of a barren, rocky valley). Here you will find a little alpine log hut built by group of mountaineering enthusiasts several years ago. Sirota is one of the region's most arrestingly beautiful areas with its unique landscape and spectacular views. From here you will be able to see the neighbouring valley with its corner peak Ayu-Tor. Camp.

Day 2: Sirota - Altyn Arashan

After breakfast you will continue your ascent to the pearl of Karakol canyon - LAKE ALA-KUL. This lake is famous for its eerie, ever-changing color and for being situated at an altitude of 3500m above sea level. Everybody finds the spectacle of this miracle of nature absolutely unforgettable. If you just here for the first time, we guarantee that you will fall in love with Ala-Kul and its surroundings. The color of the lake surface changes from greeny-blue to violet every hour depending on weather conditions. Descent to the valley of ALTYN-ARASHAN. The resort at Altyn-Arashan is famous for its HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS. Camp.

Day 3: Altyn Arashan - Karakol town

Descent to Ak Suu valley where car will wait you. (Descent will take 3-4 hours.) Transfer back to Karakol, where your tour finishes with plenty of breathtaking memories to take home. Accommodation in yurt in Yurt Camp


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