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Climbing to peak Albatros (4740 m.)

Climbing to peak Albatros at 4740 meters was one of the most thrilling and unforgettable adventures of my life. I want to share my experience and express my gratitude to the team that organized this amazing journey.

Albatros peak (4740 m.)
Albatros peak (4740 m.)

Day 1. Transfer from Karakol city to Karakol Valley

Our adventure began with a transfer from the city of Karakol to the Karakol Gorge, where we met the junction with the Western Telety. This scenic route was an exciting start. We hiked along the Kel Ter River and reached an altitude of 3800 meters, where we set up our base camp. The view of the surrounding mountains was simply stunning.

Day 2. Epure Pass at 4300m. Camp

On the second day, we headed to Epure Pass, located at an altitude of 4300 meters. The ascent was challenging but incredibly beautiful. We set up camp nearby and enjoyed the high-altitude atmosphere, preparing for the next day.

Day 3. Climbing to peak Albatros at 4740m. Descent to base camp at 3800m

The third day was the culmination of our journey. The climb to Albatross Peak at an altitude of 4740 meters was a challenge for all of us, but the views from the summit were worth all the effort. We took many photos and enjoyed the victory, standing on the summit. The descent back to the base camp at an altitude of 3800 meters was filled with joy and satisfaction.

On Albatros peak (4740 m.)
On Albatros peak (4740 m.)

Day 4. Ascent to 3950 meters along the glacier to On Ter Pass at 3980m

The fourth day began with an ascent along the glacier to On Ter Pass, located at an altitude of 3980 meters near Peak Djigit. The landscapes around were impressive, especially the views of Peak Karakol at 5218 meters. The descent from On Ter Pass and the walk along the On Ter glacier were unforgettable. We spent the night at a camp at an altitude of 3000 meters.

Day 5. Descent to the junction of the Kel Ter River and the On Ter River, where our car was waiting. Transfer back to Karakol

The last day of our journey began with a descent to the junction of the Kel Ter and On Ter rivers, where our car was waiting. The transfer back to Karakol was a moment for reflection on our amazing adventure. We finished our tour at the yurt camp in Turkestan, where we enjoyed dinner and comfortable accommodation in a yurt.

This journey gave me many thrilling memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. A huge thank you to the Arista Travel team for the excellent organization and support throughout the route. I look forward to new adventures with you!

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