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An Unforgettable Helicopter Tour Over the Tien Shan Mountains

Helicopter Tour in Kyrgyzstan
Helicopter Tour Over the Tien Shan Mountains

I recently had the extraordinary experience of taking a helicopter tour with Arista Travel, and it was nothing short of spectacular! From the very beginning, the tour was well-organized and the staff incredibly professional.

The day began with a scenic drive from Karakol town to the Karkara valley helipad. The drive itself was beautiful, setting the tone for the adventure to come. At the helipad, we were greeted by our experienced pilots, who also double as mountain rescue experts – a reassuring fact given the high altitude and unpredictable weather conditions.

The helicopter flight was breathtaking. As we ascended, the views of the Tien Shan mountains unfolded beneath us, revealing a majestic landscape that included the mystical Mertzbakher lake. The aerial perspective of these towering peaks, especially the two seven-thousanders – Pobeda Peak and Khan Tengri Peak – was absolutely awe-inspiring.

Helicopter Tour Over the Tien Shan Mountains
Peak Chapay Kyrgyzstan

Upon reaching the “South Inylchek” Base Camp at 4100 meters, we had the chance to step out and walk along the South Inylchek glacier. The sheer scale and beauty of the glacier were mesmerizing, and it provided a wonderful opportunity for some stunning photographs and quiet reflection.

Helicopter Tour Over the Tien Shan Mountains
Enylcheck glacier

The return flight was just as amazing, offering a final chance to take in the panoramic views of the Tien Shan mountains. Once back at the Karkara helipad, we were smoothly transferred back to Karakol town, filled with incredible memories and a sense of awe.

This tour was worth every euro, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever. The organization, the expertise of the pilots, and the sheer beauty of the landscape make this a must-do for anyone visiting Kyrgyzstan. Highly recommended!

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