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Sailing in Kyrgyzstan

Yacht, Motor boats, Speed Boats on Issyk - Kul Lake
150 euro
130 euro


We invite you to take an express cruise along the Issyk Kul Lake at the best price in the country! During a boat trip, the ship will offer stunning views of Tian Shan Mountains. You will have the opportunity to dive from the ship at a depth in the clear water


Sailing yacht "Zlata"–  up to 6 people - 1 hour  110 euro 


Speed boat "Orion"  up to 6 people -  1 hour  160 euro

Boat "Alia" up to 6 people - 1 hour 130 euro

Double-deck pleasure motor ship "Adilet". Wi-Fi zone – up to 55 people.  1 hour for - 215 euro

Motor-boats Wi-Fi zone "Kruiz", "Karakol", "Horizon" Wi-Fi zone - up to 25 people.  1 hour   150 euro

Speed yacht "Siarey" - up to 6 people 1 hour 160 euro   

Boat "Vita" The boat has a cabin, bathing area.  up to 10 people. 1 hour 100 euro

Boat in Karakol  up to 25 people - 1 hour  160 euro

On an individual order on board the ship we organise buffets, coffee breaks. If the starting point is not in the "Yacht-Club", then the transition to the destination is paid additionally (price is negotiable).


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