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Kyrgyz National Horseback Games
Horse back games 2-3 hours show
Horse rent for ride
250 euro for the group
15 euro per day


The program will show you centuries-old Kyrgyz national horseback games: "Wrestling on horseback for a goat's carcass" - "Ulak tartysh", "Wrestling on horseback" - "Oodarysh", "Picking up coins from the ground while galloping" - "Tyin enmei", "Chasing after the bride" -"Kyz kuumai".

1. Wrestling on horseback for a goat's carcass - "Ulak tartysh".

This is a very widespread national game of Kyrgyz people - wrestling on horseback for a goat's carcass.There are 2 contesting teams consisting of equal number of riders - 2-4players. The smooth playground is 200-400 m wide and 100-150 m long.The opposite sides, marked with flags, present symbolically "the gates"about 10 m wide. A circle - "mara" - with the diameter of 6 m is drawnin the centre of the playground where a beheaded carcass of a goat withthe limbs cut off is placed. The carcass weighs 30-40 kg on an average,sometimes it is much heavier. The time of one meeting is 15 minutes.When the referee calls out the signal the captains of the teams rideoff toward "the mara", greet each other and begin to pick the goat'scarcass off the ground. As soon as it is off the ground the rest of theplayers join the wrestling. The team which succeeds in grabbing andcarrying the carcass off to their opponents' gates the largest numberof times wins the game.

2. Wrestling on horseback - "Oodarysh".

It is one of the most popular game. Two riders try to pull each off thehorseback. It is allowed to throw the rival together with his horse.According to the existing rules oodarysh competitions include 4 weightcategories, there are individual and team championships. The age of theparticipants - from 19 upward. The size of the field - 30 m in thediameter. The time given for wrestling is 10 minutes. The rider whomanages to pull the rival off his horse or throw him down together withthe horse wins the competition. The wrestler's score the points for theadvantage in leading the fight, for the less number of reproves on thepart of the referees.

3. Picking up coins from the ground while galloping - "Tyin enmei".

In this competition the distance from the starting to the finishing line is about 100 m. At the sign of the referee acontestant rides up to the starting line. At a distance of 50-60 m fromthe finishing line there is a spot marked with a light-colored sand orsawdust so that the coin lying there could be seen by the participantgalloping at a charging pace. If a participant goes over to a slow paceor stops the horse at the moment of picking up the coin, the result isnot counted and the heat can't be repeated. The time is recorded fromthe starting to the finishing lines. In case the rider falls down hemust remount his horse and gallop up to the finishing line, otherwisehe is removed from the game. Each contestant is allowed to make 3heats. The athlete who picks the coin off the largest of times wins thegame.

4. Chasing after the bride - "Kyz kuumai".

In bygone days the game was a pert of the wedding ritual. The bride, the bridegroom and djene - a sister-in-law - withthe friends took part in the game. The bride did her best to gallopaway from her fianc?, the sister-in-law assisted her in this. Thebridegroom had to catch up with her in this way proving his love forher and his right to marry her. This traditional folk game is oftenheld on the green meadows of high mountain pastures and racecourses inmodern times. Several pairs of mounted players (a man-rider and awoman-rider) dressed in national clothing acquainted with the rules ofthe game and having riding skill take part in it. The distance shouldnot be more than 1000 m. Following the tradition the woman-rider isgiven a 20 m handicap. The young man has to catch up with the girl andkiss her while galloping or at least touch her with his head-dress.Galloping back it is the girl who chases the young man and in case shecatches him up she takes his head-dress. This is regarded as a sign ofher victory. Each team is represented by 2 or 3 pairs of riders. Theskill of the riders, the horses' speed, the rider's attire - all thisis taken into consideration by the referees.


Price includes:

The program lasts 1,5 hours, including the show of all 4 national games.
Place of show: Karakol valley.
The price does not include transport to and from Karakol valley.

Please give us 7 days advance notice to organise the program.

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